Irwin Schiff
Irwin Schiff
Irwin Schiff

Thursday, May 29, 2003


Dear Friends and students,

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Based on the pleadings we filed, the pleading filed by the ACLU and the Governments total lack of doing anything at the preliminary hearing - especially not trying to impeach the testimony of any of my witnesses, (including myself) - the government hasn't a leg to stand on. This will all be obvious when I publish the pleadings filed in this case. In fact our pleadings are so strong and irrefutable, I can not see how the Court can write an opinion: 1) without jeopardizing the government's ability to continue extorting income taxes from the public, and 2) save face from having initially granted the government’s request for a Temporary Restraining Order. If Judge Lloyd George initially believed that my views on the income tax were "nonsense," I can assure you he no longer thinks that way today. He got an education. As of now, he probably knows more about the federal income tax than any other judge in America. And he knows it’s a total scam.

The question he faces now is, how can he deny the government's Motion for a Preliminary Injunction without having to do either of the above? My own view is that Judge George must be trying to get the government to withdraw its request for a Preliminary Injunction - that would save him from having to write an opinion which would 1) allow him to save some face, while) not forcing him to allow the cat to get out of the bag. We certainly should get a decision, one way or the other before the weekend. Judges cannot just sit on motions involving prior-restraint, and he has sat on this one long enough. So I am totally optimistic.

And I want to thank Quince Eddens of Violin Makers Limited, Camp Hill, Pa.. ( for sponsoring the full color, FULL page ad that appears in this week's edition of The Las Vegas Tribune. Also I want to thank all of those who sent their affidavits and supporting, amicus briefs to the Court.
My office will send out a PRESS RELEASE as soon as Judge George’s Order comes through. So stay tuned to my website: and Angie’s website: for all the latest happenings on the front line. Please contact your media outlets and tell them you are interested in seeing their coverage of these very significant trials.

Thank you.

Irwin Schiff