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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Irwin Schiff Makes Front Page of PHXNews

Irwin Schiff makes front page news at which gets up to 1.5 million hits per month.

"I will not allow the law in my courtroom!" - Judge Dawson, who has so far sentenced Irwin Schiff to one, two, then fours days in jail for mentioning the law during his own trial. Dawson threatened to continue doubling the sentences with every mention of the law Irwin stands accused of violating.

Read full article here.

Thank you very much Mark Yannone and!

Exclusive Interview With Cindy Neun

Hank Goltz of San Antonio, Texas scores a major weekend exclusive interview with co-defendant Cindy Neun. Listen in at

Thank you very much Hank Goltz and Cindy Neun!

We are on the weekend break following week three of the Irwin Schiff trial in Las Vegas. Monday starts week four of trial and will be Day 13. Listen to audio broadcasts of the trial live from Las Vegast at Trial Logs Blog. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to Irwin Schiff talking about his book "The Biggest Con."

this is an audio post - click to play

For more audio of Irwin Schiff live from Las Vegas see

Purchase "The Biggest Con" here.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Trial Logs Blog Link Added To Irwin Schiff's Website

Irwin Schiff's webmaster has added a link to at the home page of Great work guys!

Pictures of Irwin Schiff from Mike Golden

Here are the pictures I promised you of Irwin. These were taken today (Friday 9/30/2005, at 2:30 PM Vegas Time see clock in photo 3), his 1 day of rest.. Enjoy...

Mike Golden
AKA The RadioRebel

These are very large photo files so I hosted them on my website to keep from slowing down the blog. I'm going to try to get Mike to start taking more action photos with his camera cell phone so we can post them directly to the blog and so they are easier for those with dial-up internet access to view. Thank you very much Mike Golden! dk

UPDATE: Mike sent compressed photo files which I have posted directly to the blog below. Please leave comments if these are slowing down the blog for you if you are on a slow dial-up connection. dk

We are on the weekend break following week three of the Irwin Schiff trial in Las Vegas. Monday starts week four of trial and will be Day 13. Listen to audio broadcasts of the trial live from Las Vegast at Trial Logs Blog. Stay tuned for more.

I just tried to call Cindy Neun for a weekend wrap-up report. Nobody answering. I suppose Hank had the same luck today. Maybe Hank will be able to get ahold of her sometime tomorrow and get a few thoughts and some commentary for the blogs. I'll try to call Irwin tomorrow at his office and see if he can give us a quick update on a Saturday. Also Mike was going to send in some pictures of Irwin but I haven't got them yet. I'll try to call Mike tomorrow and see what's up with the pictures from Las Vegas.

Meanwhile there's plenty of good audio from the trial in Las Vegas at

Thanks for your support. Stay tuned.

USDC To Hear 16th Amendment Fraud Issue

DOJ Lawsuit Against Bill Benson Backfires

Twenty-five years ago Bill Benson, a former Illinois Department of Revenue investigator, began a cross-country trip across the forty-eight states that comprised the Union in 1913 seeking documentary evidence regarding the ratification of the 16th Amendment. This was a most important undertaking, because the government uses the 16th Amendment as its sole authority to tax an individual’s wages and salaries.

Read article here.

Written Report From Angela Stark

For Day 12 Thursday, Septempber 29, 2005

Today, jury Instructions were given re 6331(h) which they said was enacted after Irwin's 96 seizure of his car and some cash so they said it wasn't relevant to his seizure. Irwin reiterated the relevance of the law of 6331 and why congress wrote it into the 1998 R&R Act . Irwin wanted to recall Luddy Tally but the judge said no. The judge told Irwin he may not mention any legal issues or statutes in front of the jury. (so what else is new?)

Irwin wanted to enter the summons tape that occurred between him, agt Tally and Gritis. However, the Judge wouldn't allow the summons tape to be played nor Irwin's criminal complaint against them to be entered. The judge said "it doesn't matter!"

Read article here.

Government Attorneys Watching The Blogs

...we overheard the government attys ask each other if they "caught last nights blog".

Read here.

Schiff Website Back Online

I just checked and Irwin Schiff's website is back online.

I called and spoke with Mike and Irwin at the office in Las Vegas. They can't get through to the webmaster of or they got ahold of him and he told them the site was down due to heavy traffic but now they can't reach him or something. I'm not sure. The call went fast and they were busy. The site is still down. They are aware of the issue and are working to get the site back up. Mike will send pictures of Irwin for the blogs. Listen to call below.

this is an audio post - click to play

I tried to call Irwin Schiff's office to find out what the status is with his website. Nobody answering. Probably out for lunch or something. Will keep trying. dk

this is an audio post - click to play

Schiff Website Down

I just called and spoke with Irwin Schiff. I told him his website is down. He's going to check it out and call his webmaster. Stay tuned for more.

Week Three Weekend Begins

Irwin's site still appears to be down for me from here. Jim in reader comments says it's back up on Friday but it seems to still be down to me.

Today Hank will try to get a weekend wrap up report with Cindy Neun. I will try to catch Irwin Schiff for a weekend wrap up report tomorrow.

Lots of good audio at triallogs blog from week three. Don't miss a word.

Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Schiff Website Down

Irwin Schiff's website must be getting pounded. His website is down. I hope somebody let's him know and he can get it back online ASAP!

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Apache/1.3.33 Server at Port 80

"We're going to win this case."

- Irwin Schiff in tonight's audioblog report.

Listen in at triallogs blog.........

Thank you very much Mark Yannone and Irwin Schiff!

"Mr. Talley talked of a company called ChoicePoint. ChoicePoint is apparently a private organization or corporation that the IRS relies heavily upon to get information on citizens." - Mike Golden

Listen to audio at

"I love the fact that the jury is really paying attention." - Angela Stark

Listen to audio at

Hour 2 With Irwin Schiff and Mark Yannone

listen in at triallogs blog.........

Thank you very much Mark Yannone and Irwin Schiff!

Mark Yannone Interview With Irwin Schiff

"It's been a great day, I wasn't held in contempt." - Irwin Schiff

listen in at triallogs blog.........

Thank you very much Mark Yannone and Irwin Schiff!

Prosecution Will Rest Next Week

Mike says Prosecuting attorney "Pilsbury Dough Boy"/"Moe of the Three Stooges" is the most arogant individual he has ever seen in his life......29 year old kid........

rumor has it that the prosecution will rest its case by the middle of next week........

listen to audio of peymon conference call at triallogs blog.........

Peymon Conference Call In Progress

Listen here....

Mike the Radio Rebel talking now....

says IRS agent Luddy Talley talking about how he got information about Irwin Schiff from ChoicePoint...........

IRS uses this ChoicePoint company to get information on people........

Mike says the jury is staying awake and is paying attention......

Talley trying to say Irwin Schiff was hiding his money in offshore accounts.....

audio will be posted at triallogs blog..........

The Trial of the Century

Whether you believe that there is no law that makes anyone liable to pay income taxes or not, it's fascinating listening to the audioblog entries regarding Irwin Schiff's criminal trial. The man is representing himself and is fighting for his life. He has both the judge and the prosecution as his adversaries. All of the entries are based on observations from the peanut gallery (an MSM blackout is in effect). But it seems as if Irwin is able to get his message out and the jury is listening. Read here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

See Irwin Schiff's website here...

Late Night Report From Angela Stark

From 9/29/2005 02:17:46 AM audio post at Trial Logs Blog.

Angela Stark: Hi everybody. I just wanted to clarify a few things. It's eleven o'clock at night over here. Tomorrow's going to be my last day here. I was listening to the blogs and after about five sidebars today a message was given to the judge and there were three questions asked of the judge from the jury. And those questions I understand were they wanted to know the difference between a seizure and a levy and there was another question but the judge didn't want to let anybody know what that was. So whatever it was I'm sure it's something good and in favor of Irwin. And that's what those questions were.

The assistant attorneys for Cindy and Larry, were very, their mouths dropped when they found out that the jury had asked those questions. They said they had never encountered that before and that really looks good for Irwin.

Irwin was taking the testimony of Luddy Talley who back in 1996 had taken Irwin's car. They seized Irwin's vehicle and maced him.

Irwin had Mr. Talley read section 6331. Part A where they leave it off when they send it to the bank to levy your money. Irwin was very firm with that and the jury heard it. Irwin pressed him on it. At which point they called for another sidebar. Everybody took notice. At that point was when the jury had their questions.

Somebody needs to get ahold of the Americans With Disabilities Act because the judge is talking very low just so Irwin can't hear what he is saying.

The jury is great. They're listening, they're taking notes, they're interested, they're coming alive. And everone is really, really suprised.

Listen to more here...

Thank you very much Angela Stark!

Irwin Schiff: "I can't hear what he's saying."

Judge Dawson: "Go sit in your chair and read his lips."

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers needed to transcribe audioblogs. Pick a segment of audio that you like. Transcribe it into text. Note the date and time of the audio post in the header of your report. Copy and paste your report into the reader comments of this blog. I will then copy and paste it into the main section of this blog for all to see and read. Thank you very much. dk

See Irwin Schiff's website here...

Audio Transcript

From 9/28/2005 10:37:00 PM audio post at Trial Logs Blog.

3:34 into the segment

Peymon: Folks welcome to Irwin Schiff report. This is Freedom Law School conference call that is going on every night reporting on Irwin Schiff tax trial that is going on in Las Vegas, Nevada right now. This is Peymon the president of Freedom Law School and your host for this program.

Tonight also happens to be Wednesday night which is the night of the weekly conference call of Freedom Law School in which we answer your questions about freedom, about law, about your rights, about how you can live free now by asserting and defending your rights, and how we can get our public servants under the control of the American people once again.

But before we get to the Freedom Law School portion of the program we're going to start out as we have done for the last two and a half weeks and give you the report on the Irwin Schiff criminal tax trial going on in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As you all well know, in my opinion, Irwin Schiff is a great American hero, a patriot, he is really a living legend of freedom. He has woke up a lot of people about the fraud and the lies of the U.S. government who is becoming a deception, a fraud, and a liar just like third world countries of the world like China, Cuba, and Iran where I come from folks.

In third world countries we are used to and we know that our government is lying. But they got the guns and they got the power. But in America, the American people, we are sovereigns, we are the kings of government, we are above our public servants, and we expect our public servants to be truthful and honest and to uphold the law rather than break it.

And with that I'm going to give the podium to Mike Golden from who has been attending the Irwin Schiff trial in Las Vegas.

Mike Golden: Good evening Peymon.

Peymon: How are you tonight?

Mike Golden: I'm doing great. Today without a doubt has been one of the most whacky, weird, wild, and wonderful days that we've had yet. It just never ceases to amaze me how low that these people are willing to go. And the extent that they are willing to disregard the constitution, law, justice, and the American way. Every day I'm in here I'm absolutely stunned and shocked. It's to a point where I'm actually physically nauseated to walk into this court.

We started out the morning with Nancy Driscoll. She is the one who is very, very bitter towards Irwin. Makes no bones about it. Blames him for all of her woes from her marital problems to losing her home to losing her business, which she didn't lose her business or her home, but it's all his fault. And she was was very straightforward that she, in her words, was too stupid to have done any of this on her own. And that's her words not mine. They finished up with her in a relatively short time.

The main heart of the matter that I want to get to today is Irwin has been talking to me and looking forward to this one particular witness. The rest of the ones this morning were pretty much insignificant. But he had one that he's been anticipating and just absolutely wanting a crack at to get to and his name was Mr. Luddy Talley. He's an IRS agent. He's been an IRS agent for apparently 25 years. His actual title is Revenue Officer. Works he says for the Department of Treasury/IRS.

Now this is one of the first things they did to try to confuse the situation. People don't realize that the IRS and the Department of Treasury are not one and the same. But they continued all day today to try to blur the two as being one. He started out, again he's a prosecution witness, so he's working for them, and you could tell that it was so rehearsed and prepared. Everything they asked him, everything they tried to submit, of course, of course, of course, never any discrepencies or dispute of anything that went on.

There came a point, however, today, when Irwin, as he should have, really got up and was very adament, about filing, he was absolutely appalled at what they were saying. This Mr. Talley started out in one particular rant that the particular department that he worked for was, he worked for the department that was for "Tax Protesters". The "Tax Protester Department of the IRS".

At which point Irwin absolutely came unglued. Got up, started ranting, raving, and protesting as he should have, because the very connotation of "Tax Protester" puts a negative light on what us patriots are. In fact several years ago it was actually written into law where they cannot use that term, "Tax Protester", you can be a tax non-participant, a tax non-filer, but the very connotation of a "Tax Protester" makes you sound like you're a terrible person and are doing something that might be illegal.

Peymon: Right, in fact Mike, if I may comment, the congress banned the use of the word "Tax Protester" or "any like designation", or derogotory term, that's been banned by congress since the IRS Restruction & Reform Act of 1998.

Mike Golden: He pointed out the very thing that you just said......The judge says well let's take a break and we'll discuss it after the break.....He (Schiff) was able to actually get his protest noted and sustained. So the judge begrudgingly sustained it. And this went on and on and on. So finally after the prosecution was done getting there two cents in with this yahoo...

This revenue agent collector...

Listen to the audio at

Irwin Schiff Now Has Seven Days Of Lockup

Irwin Schiff is now up to seven days of lockup.....I guess the maximum the Judge can give him is 45 days.....

Irwin Schiff is doing things in court that no attorney would even think about doing......

listen in at triallogs blog.......

the jury is more awake and attentive today than they have ever been......even the sleeping lady is awake and taking notes............

the jury asked three questions of the judge today.....passed the questions to the judge by way of note.....a very bad sign for the prosecution.....listen in at triallogs blog........

Mike Golden Files Report Number Two

Listen to Mike Golden's 2nd report of the day at Trial Logs Blog.

Thank you very much Mike Golden!

I'm listening to Mike on the Peymon conference call at this time....stay tuned for audio recordings of the call at the trial logs blog......

sounds like the IRS CID agent Luddy Tally was the star of the show today......stay tuned for more details..........

From the latest report....

from angela stark...

it's really been good and i think they're gonna get even better here before we leave....

the jury's awake and taking notes and we're all positive....

Stay tuned for more reports from day 11 Live from Las Vegas!

We are hoping to get a report with the man himself, Irwin Schiff. Ace reporter Mark Yannone will be trying to contact him for an interview later tonight. Also Hank Goltz will be trying to speak with Cindy Neun and Angela Stark. I will be recording the Peymon conference call at 10 pm EST (7 pm Vegas time).

You can listen in on the conference call here.

From the latest report....

mike golden sitting in front of federal court house....

afternoon blog report....

it's been a pretty wild and wooley day....

been through quite a few witnesses....

currently have mr. luddy tally....he is the agent that confiscated the car and much of irwin's bank account........

there's been some real confrontations between the judge and irwin several times....

tally made the comment that he worked for the "tax protesters unit"....

at which time irwin came out of his chair pretty much unglued with a sustainable objection......explained that they are not allowed to use that type of language.....that language in itself is offensive and not to be used.....

yet they used it and once again the judge did not do anything about it.......

taking a break right now and then will start cross-examination........

listen in at

Report Is In At Triallogs Blog

Mike the Radio Rebel files the first report of the day at trial logs blog....

"It's been a wild and wooley day."

Listen in at trial logs blog.......we also have Angela Stark talking on this report......listen in at trial logs blog.....

Day 11 Begins

Today we hope to be getting more audio reports from Angela Stark and Mike Golden from the trial in Las Vegas. Tonight we will have Hank Goltz call Cindy Neun at around 7 pm Vegas time for a nightly wrap up report. Mark Yannone will attempt to get a report from Irwin Schiff tonight. I will try to record the Wednesday night Peymon conference call using the 1 hour feed this time. Stay tuned at Thanks to everyone for your efforts. dk

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mark Yannone says he tried to call Irwin twice this evening but wasn't able to get through to him or get him on the line. He will try again tomorrow.

I guess we missed the report with Irwin Schiff again tonight. I have an email in to Mark Yannone to find out what happened. We got one report from Mike and one report from Angela at triallogs blog and a little bit of the Peymon confernce call below. Tomorrow is another day.

It was a very long day....

a few on the jury actually seem to be paying attention......

Mary is a reporter from the Las Vegas Tribune......article coming out Thurdsday.........Mary talking now........

call Las Vegas Tribune....
Mary Miller

Mary only spent 1 hour at the trial.......Mary says she left because it was getting boring........Mary will have an article out on Thursday......

Las Vegas Tribune is a free paper.....

Irwin's right hearing aid broke.....he can't hear what is going on.........

judge told irwin "if you can't hear, watch their lips move"..........

Mary from the Las Vegas Tribune is on this conference call

Mary says she will be having an article in the paper tomorrow.....Mike is talking again now.....

CJ from Florida talking now.....I guess CJ is attending the trial in Las Vegas.....

Peymon Conference Call

I'm listening to the Peymon conference call now....Mike the Radio Rebel is giving a report.....listen to the above audioblogs to hear what they are saying.....or call in to the number below and listen to the call on your telephone....

Our weekly conference call is every Wednesday Night at 7 PM, till 8:20 PM Pacific Time.

Join us by calling (702) 835-5000, then entering the participant access code 47778257. Once you are in the conference call, push *6 to mute yourself so that background noise will not be heard by others. To talk, push *6 one more time and you will be able to talk.

This number is valid until Nov. 24, 2004

Judge Gives Schiff One Day In Jail For Contempt

Reports coming in at triallogs blog. Check 'em out.

Fully Informed Jury Association

Our mission is to inform all Americans about their rights, powers, and responsibilities when serving as trial jurors. Jurors must know that they have the option and the responsibility to render a verdict based on their conscience and on their sense of justice as well as on the merits of the law.

Jail for Judges

In America, no one is supposed to be above the law; however, judges have declared themselves to be above the law through their self-made doctrine of "Judicial Immunity."

J.A.I.L. is a single-issue national grassroots organization designed to end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of the United States. J.A.I.L. recognizes this can be achieved only through making the Judicial Branch of government answerable and accountable to an entity other than itself. At this time it isn't.

SDJA's mission is to get the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (J.A.I.L.) on the November 2006 ballot and approved by the People as an amendment to the South Dakota State Constitution.

nothing yet this's still only 8 a.m. in Vegas....stay tuned for live reports from the trial.....we're going to try to start getting some pictures coming through too......keep an eye on the triallogs blog for live audio reports from las vegas coming in

Monday, September 26, 2005

Day 9 Ends

Tomorrow is Day 10

Stay Tuned

Don't miss today's audioblog reports live from Las Vegas at

Monday Night Trial Report

Listen to the Monday night trial report with Cindy Neun, Mike the Radio Rebel, and Angela Stark at

Angela says she put out two reports during the day today, one with Irwin Schiff, but unfortunately only the morning report came through. We'll try to get more reports out tomorrow.

Mike says Quido the Wireman has been banned from the trial and sent back home to New Jersey. That's a damn shame. Quido was one of our star reporters.

Thank you very much Cindy, Mike, and Angela!

We didn't get Irwin tonight but hopefully we'll get a good report from him tomorrow.

Thank you for your support.

See Irwin Schiff's website here...

I just called and spoke with Cindy Neun. She and Angela Stark are up late working on the case. They were willing to do an audioblog report with me but when I went to bridge up the number I'm getting a fast busy still. The system has been down all weekend and it's still down.

I sent an email to Mark Yannone and David Jahn asking what's up with the Irwin Schiff report and I'm waiting to hear back from either one of them about that. I also asked them to send me the call in numbers for the triallogs audioblog so I can call Cindy and Angela and get a report from them over there. They said they will be up for awhile working on the case and if I get the numbers to go ahead and call them and they will give us a report.

I called and spoke with Mike the Radio Rebel. He says he is just getting back to his room from dropping Irwin off at the Freedom Books office. He says it's been a long and interesting day. He says he did try to call in to the Irwin Schiff blog today and give a report but he was getting the same fast busy signal. Mike says he thinks he has the triallogs number and he'll look for it as he's getting his stuff unpacked. Mike says call him if I get the numbers before he does and he'll do a report for us.

At this time I'm waiting to hear back from Mark Yannone or David Jahn with the numbers to the triallogs blog so we can get some reports out there for the night. Stay tuned. dk

Morning Recess Report By Angela Stark

Morning recess report is in at triallogs blog from Angela Stark. Thank you very much Angela Stark!

Day 9 Begins

Day 9 Begins. Hopefully we'll be getting a report today from Mike the Radio Rebel. Keep an eye out over at triallogs blog too. Hopefully we'll be hearing from Cindy Neun and Angela Stark today as well. Tonight we should get the Monday night wrap up report with Irwin Schiff and Mark Yannone so stay tuned for that. Thank you for your support.