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Saturday, October 08, 2005

"We're talking about life in jail if I lose this case, which I'm not going to do."

- Irwin Schiff on Saturday night audioblog report. Listen in at

We are on the weekend break following week 4 of the trial. The prosecution has rested its case and the defense has already called 3 or 4 witnesses all on Thursday. Next week starts the first full week of the defense presenting its case. No court on Monday for Columbus Day holiday. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to live audio reports from the trial in Las Vegas at

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thursday, October 06, 2005

United States of America and Judge Dawson vs Irwin Schiff

Prosecutor: "Objection! Irrelevant!"

Judge Dawson: "Sustained!"

Irwin Schiff: "The income tax law is irrelevant?"

Judge Dawson: "I will not allow the law in my courtroom!"

Irwin Schiff: "But the Supreme Court said in the Cheek decision . . ."

Judge Dawson: "Irrevelant! Denied!"

Irwin Schiff: "The Supreme Court is irrelevant?"

Judge Dawson: "Irrevelant! Denied!"

Bring your kangaroo feed and listen to the details of this corrupt courtroom at

Read article here.

No Court On Monday

Columbus Day Holiday

Court will resume on Tuesday.

Mike the Radio Rebel says he took some more pictures tonight and will be sending them into the blog ASAP. Audio reports from todays proceedings are coiming in at

DOJ/IRS Case dismissed against Paralegals

To all tax patriots and advocates of liberty, A terrific victory to report!!! The IRS had filed a 26 USC Sections 6700, 6701, 7402, 7407, and 7408 complaint against Lynda Wall at Paralegals to try to shut her up and get her client list. Lynda is one
ballsy lady. She stood her ground and fought the bastards. She finally earned the rightful dismissal of the complaint and a withdrawal of the arrest warrant. I am elated for her. What a terrific example Lynda sets for us all.

Read article here.

Prosecution Rests Its Case

Mike Golden the Radio Rebel reports that the prosecution has rested its case. Listen to the live report from the trial in Las Vegas at

Photos from Mike the Radio Rebel

Below are photos just in from Mike Golden the Radio Rebel who is in Las Vegas for the Irwin Schiff trial. These are photos taken late Wednesday night, October 5, 2005. These photos were taken in Irwin Schiff's office in Las Vegas, Nevada. The photos show Irwin Schiff talking on the telephone with Mark Yannone for the nightly triallogs blog audioblog report. Also shown are some supporters of Irwin Schiff sitting in Schiff's office and closeups of Jan Lindsey FBI service documentation.

Pictures from Mike Received

I have received the pictures from Mike. Some good action photos of Irwin Schiff in his office. I'm having a little technical difficulty getting them posted to the blog. I will keep trying and hopefully get them posted for you here soon. Stay tuned. dk

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

More Pictures Coming From Mike Golden

Mike Golden just called and told me that he has more pictures coming through to us for the blog tonight. I'll get them posted on here first thing in the morning. Have a good night and stay tuned for more.

Day 15 Ends

Day 16 Tomorrow

I think the prosecution may rest its case tomorrow. I haven't been able to listen to the audioblogs yet tonight and I didn't hear anything for sure but I think the prosecution is getting pretty close to resting its case and the defense should begin presenting its case either tomorrow or Monday. Stay tuned for more.

Also see for audio trial reports live from Las Vegas!

Score one for the Tax Honesty Movement

...the court orders that the action be and hereby is dismissed without prejudice.

"The IRS was after me because they claimed I sold or promoted abusive tax shelters. Since 2003, I have refused government demands to produce my client lists, books, and records. So they decided to try to strong-arm me into unlawful compliance by getting the Department of Justice (DOJ) to file a petition with the United Stated District Court to enforce the IRS's administrative summons. I still refused to comply with the government's unlawful demands, so the DOJ got the corrupt judge to issue a warrant for my arrest for them to coercively incarcerate me until I comply.

Read article here.

Thanks Mark Yannone.

Blogger Down

Blogger Status. Tuesday, October 04, 2005. Blogger will be down tomorrow (Wednesday, October 5th) from 5-7pm PST for some network maintenance. ... - 10k - Oct 4, 2005 - Cached - Similar pages

Thank you Mark Yannone for the status report.

Blogger was down for two hours tonight. So all blogspot blogs were down for two hours this evening, including this blog and

We lost a good 6 pm PT audioblog report from Mike the Radio Rebel at triallogs blog.

We also lost an audioblog report I did with Mike here at this blog where we talked about the pictures that Mike sent in with his camera cell phone which are posted below.

Turns out the retired FBI plaque is a service plaque brought into the office by Jan Lindsey while he was there visiting with Irwin Schiff. Apparently Jan Lindsey is retired FBI. Mike told us all about it on the audioblog report but unfortunately that audioblog report was lost forever because we did it while blogger was down.

UPDATE: Looks like Mike Golden's 6 pm PT report just came through at trial logs blog. Cool deal. Didn't lose it after all. Just got delayed a couple of hours. Hopefully the audiblogs I did here with Mike Golden talking about the pictures will come through in a little while. I don't see them here yet though. Stay tuned.

UPDATE II: Scratch that last update. I must have been seeing things. Looks like the Mike Golden report I was seeing was from this morning at around 9 a.m. ET. Maybe we did lose the audioblogs that were done during the outage. We'll see.

UPDATE FROM DAVID JAHN: I was able to recover and post the 6 pm Mike Golden call.

Photos From Las Vegas

Below are photos sent in from Mike Golden the Radio Rebel. Mike used his camera cell phone to take these pictures and send them in to the blog from Irwin Schiff's office in Las Vegas. The photos were taken on late Tuesday night October 4, 2005. I don't know who is on the FBI plaque but apparently that is some sort of retired FBI agent plaque that is hanging on the wall in Irwin Schiff's office in Las Vegas. I'll try to get Mike on the phone for a quick audioblog about the pictures later today. Stay tuned for more.

Listen to live audio reports from the trial in Las Vegas at

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Did you bring anything to feed the kangaroos?"

- Irwin Schiff speaking out loud in the courtroom today while waiting for the jury to be let in.

Listen to live audio reports from the trial in Las Vegas at

Looking for Reporters in Las Vegas

I just called and spoke with Jan Lindsey in Nevada. He is on his way to Las Vegas to talk to Irwin Schiff and to try to rustle up another on location reporter for the triallogs blog. Stay tuned for more. dk

Schiff Criminal Tax Trial Fireworks Continue

The criminal tax trial of Irwin Schiff entered its fourth week Monday with a cantankerous Schiff apparently making significant headway in repelling the government’s prosecution witnesses who have testified thus far.

Read article here.

Thanks for the link WTP!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Book Burning in America

Supreme Court Rejects Schiff Appeal

Rejected an appeal from Nevada tax protester Irwin Schiff who was barred from selling a book that claims paying federal income tax is voluntary. (Schiff v. United States, 04-1383)

Read here.

Via Google Irwin Schiff News.

My computer at home crapped out on me. I have it in the shop for repair. They say it could be three to five days. Meanwhile, stay tuned to triallogs blog for the latest reports from the trial in Las Vegas. Thank you for your support. dk

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Robert Clarkson Talks About Irwin Schiff

Listen to Robert Clarkson talk about the Irwin Schiff trial at Trial Logs Blog.

Alvis Jenkins Slams North Lake Tahoe Bonanza Smear Piece

I was less than appreciative of the column on Tax Tips by Jeff Quinn. This was a low cut of a true patriot (Irwin Schiff) who stands for the truth in the tax laws. The government doesn't want Mr. Schiff to expose the corruption that has been going on for over 60 years.

Another thing is Mr. Quinn should be taking a course in English Grammer because he states that the IRS defines "Gross Income as all income ... etc " and he should know that the word being defined cannot be used twice within the same sentence. It is obvious that the information Mr. Quinn has in regards to former days of Mr. Schiff and his dealings with the government on the issue of income taxes is less than sufficient. Why there is no provision within your news columns to rebut the writer is in question?

Alvis Jenkins

Plant City, Fla.

Read article here. Registration required. Use Username: Password: truth.

Thank you very much Alvis Jenkins! And thank you North Lake Tahoe Bonanza for printing the correction.

Alvis Jenkins' rebuttal showed up for us in Google Irwin Schiff News. Good work Alvis Jenkins.

Triallogs Blog Down?

I just tried and it seems to be down. I sent an email to David Jahn asking him to take a look. Stay tuned for more. dk

UPDATE: I just called and spoke with David Jahn and he says it's working fine from where he is. I still can't see it. I'll wait to hear from Mark Yannone or Hank Goltz and see how it looks from their end.

UPDATE 2: Trouble must have been on my end. Everything seems to be working fine now at triallogs blog for me. False alarm. That was weird. Don't know what it was. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for your support.