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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Schiff backers stick with him

Las Vegas Review Journal article

Convictions on charges of tax evasion, conspiracy don't shake followers' loyalty

The leader of the so-called "tax honesty movement" is sitting in a Las Vegas jail cell, but that hasn't stopped loyal supporters from rallying around him.

"I feel I owe the man. I owe him because he's such an icon," said Mike Golden, a radio talk show host from Fresno, Calif.


While in Las Vegas, Golden uses a desk at Schiff's business, Freedom Books, where he contributes to Internet blogs and fields calls "to help get the word out."

On Wednesday, Golden talked to a Chicago attorney who has expressed an interest in handling Schiff's appeal. Golden said "contributors" will pay the attorney's fees, because Schiff is "penniless."


On Wednesday, Golden, who admits to being "mouthy," openly criticized the prosecutors and judge involved in Schiff's trial, while referring to Schiff as a "national hero" and a "genius."

Read article here.

Email from a supporter

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to tell you that your post today was a stroke of genius.
I was heart-breaking but if it doesn't wake people up nothing will.
To that end I want to figure out how we as a group can get organized.
Cindy was talking about sending out writs of habeas corpus and she was
talking about who to send them to. I think if we can create a very
organized list of documents and recipients for those documents and then
flood them with protests and documents we might be able to help. I
have been receiving emails from this website for some time now and I
think that they way that they have it set up is beautiful. It's
clean, quick and effective. Check it out and let me know what I can
do help. I' going to forward this to Angela and I was also
curious when your birthdays are sent you mentioned it the other day
that they are the same. Thanks you both so much for everything you
have done and are doing... Ian

Here is the sight. Please check it out just because of the way that it
is organized.

Cindy Neun makes passionate call for action.

Listen here

Schiff Guilty Verdict Not Any Surprises

Las Vegas Tribune article

The fact that a Federal Jury has found Irwin Schiff guilty should not be a surprise to anyone.

Since the day the trial started, the judge who presided on the trial, US District Court Judge Ken Dawson, was not shy to show before the jury, his bias and antagonism against the defendant displaying a partiality never before seen.

In a jury trial the presiding judge should act as referee watching out that the defendant's rights are not violated and that the jurors are given all the evidence necessary to make an intelligent decision based on the facts and nothing but the facts.

In the Schiff case the judge acted more like a prosecutor by denying the most essential rights and sustaining almost every single objection made by the prosecution and overruled almost all the objections made by the defense.

Shame, shame, shame on those jurors!

Read article here.

Friday, October 28, 2005

As you are contemplating whether or how much you want to contribute to Mr. Schiff’s appeal please consider the following.

How much has Mr. Schiff’s information saved you?

How much could it cost you if Mr. Schiff’s conviction is not overturned therein allowing the government Carte Blanch to refer to every illegal thing done to Mr. Schiff before and during the trial as precedent setting evidence that what they do is okay and what you claim in your defense has been found lacking in merit?

In that regard I believe if Mr. Schiff’s conviction is overturned it will open the flood gates and millions of scaredy cats will join this movement which will end the income tax for good and put all those friendly IRS agents of a job.

After you search your conscience or figure out what is best for you send donations to:

Irwin Schiff freedom foundation
444 E. Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Monday, October 24, 2005

Government Hangs Innocent Man In Cold Blood

Land of the free rapidly deteriorating into totalitarian police state.

Irwin Schiff railroaded into life prison sentence via star chamber kangaroo court.

LAS VEGAS - Irwin Schiff was led from a federal courtroom in chains today to serve life in prison for telling the truth about the federal income tax.

Irwin Schiff et. al. Found Guilty This Afternoon

Las Vegas, Nevada - Long time author, lecturer on the income tax, Irwin Schiff and his codefendants were found guilty today on numerous counts of the original indictment.

Why? Primarily and simply because Irwin was NOT allowed to talk about the laws creating an income tax liability or lack thereof - even though he was charged with "Willful failure to file" and other "misdeeds" within Title 26 (Income and other tax) of the US Code.

When the jury asked to see Cindy Neun's well-worn copy of Title 26 USC and/or a new copy of Title 26 USC, the "judge" denied them access to it even after he at first said he would allow it! Further, he instructed the jury according to his will - NOT according to fact and the law! How could he have instructed them about the actual laws when they were not allowed at trial? This has gotten to be an all-too- familiar event within our wayward "court" system.

Gee,let's see here. You are charged with crimes or civil torts, per USC Title 26 BUT you cannot use the laws within USC Title 26 to defend yourself. Yah that's it - that sounds fair, doesn't it? I gotta believe that Irwin will be vindicated upon appeal. In the meantime, People, IT IS TIME!

People of America, it is time to wake up!

People of America it is time to get behind J.A.I.L. For Judges !

People of America - YOU can become directly (even anonymously) involved TODAY by calling and telling the folks you know in South Dakota about this important legislation and also by simply donating a few bucks to the great and successful efforts in South Dakota RIGHT NOW! See South Dakota Judicial Accountability

YOU can be a part of American history TODAY! With J.A.I.L. For Judges we can put this tyrannical, criminal judiciary and government back in its place!

You can think about this all you want but no matter what peaceful solution you come to about solving the Citizen's of America problems with their government, you WILL need the courts at some point! So we MUST start with passing J.A.I.L. in every state and at the federal level FIRST to assure fair and equitable trials no matter the issue before the court! Otherwise, we will all get similar results to Irwin Schiff and scores of others who have been mauled in our current "courts" by criminal and malfeasant judges at all levels of government when subjects that they hate to see contested - show up before them.

You can become involved in your state or do the simplest of duties by simply sending $20 or as much as you can afford to give for this important cause via Pay Pal at PayPal.

Or mailed to:

Ron Branson, JAILer-In-Chief
P.O. Box 207
North Hollywood, California 91603

Make checks payable to "J.A.I.L."

Your Help and Donations Are Deeply Appreciated Most Especially In South Dakota At This Time!



Verdict Is In

Stand by for report . . .

All parties were summoned to the courthouse at 1 p.m. We should be receiving an audio report shortly at

At 10/24/2005 4:39 PM, Anonymous said...
hopefully some of the court watchers will stay outside the courtroom so they can go talk w/ the jury immediately after they are dismissed instead of getting locked in the courtroom like at the Rose case...

At 10/24/2005 4:28 PM ET, LAWoman said...
they were just called down to the court house for the verdict.

Day Four Begins

Fourth full day of jury deliberation begins.

Jury to resume deliberations at 9:00 A.M. Las Vegas time. Verdict expected before noon today.

Stay tuned for verdict at

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Night Audioblog Report

Listen to Sunday night audioblog report with Irwin Schiff below.

Taking Back America

Irwin Schiff is broadcasting live now on his Sunday night radio show. Somebody please record it and post it if you can. I'm having technical difficulties and I'm not able to hear it from here.

Listen here to Taking Back America.

UPDATE: The show never happened due to technical difficulties.

Judge Won't Let Jury See The Law

Jury asks to see IRS code book, Judge refuses to let them see it.

After 3 full days of deliberation the jury sent a note to the judge asking him to see the beat up, dog-eared, well read copy of co-defendant Cindy Neun's IRS code book which had been shown to them during the trial. They wanted to see Cindy's IRS code book and also a "clean" copy of an IRS code book.

The judged absolutely denied their request saying that allowing the jury to see the law would be "problematic".

With still no verdict rendered, the jury has been released for a three day weekend and will be back to resume deliberations at 9:00 Monday morning Las Vegas time.

Listen to Irwin Schiff speaking this weekend while he awaits the verdict and also to eyewitness acounts of the trial from Las Vegas at

Charles Baker Slams Jeff Quinn Again

Could it be that certain CPAs eat from the same table as the IRS and profit from the perpetuation of the fraud against the American people by the IRS/Federal Mafia? Hmmm! Maybe that's why certain CPAs lash out against our Tax Honesty leader, Mr. Irwin Schiff with such vehemence! What is interesting about Mr. Irwin Schiffs' case is how Federal Judge Kent J. Dawson refused the request of the jurors to see co-defendant Cindy Neuns' tattered and marked up Internal Revenue Code Book, along with a clean copy of the IR Code Book. Why is that?

Read article here.

userid: password: truth

Thank you Charles Baker.

Comment From Jerry Horse

The ongoing 30 year battle of Irwin Schiff against tyrrany, corruption, dishonesty and the economic decay of America will not die whether Irwin is convicted or not.

Read here.

Watchdog Blogs About Irwin Schiff

Federal government banned Irwin Schiff's most recent book, The Federal Mafia: How the Government Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes, but Judge Dawson has sentenced Irwin Schiff to one to three years in jail just for mentioning the law during his trial.

Read here.

Kysor Blogs About Irwin Schiff

Very Important: On July 5th 2005 I filed a motion calling for dismissal of my current criminal prosecution, because there are no laws establishing income tax "crimes". To be thoroughly convinced of that, and also thoroughly convinced that if there are criminals involved in income tax prosecutions, it can only be the federal judges and the justice department lawyers conducting such trials.

Read here.