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Irwin Schiff

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The continuing torture of Mr. Irwin Schiff

We just learned that the IRS has started taking Mr. Schiff’s commissary money so he cannot buy tooth paste, a decent razor, candy or chips, across the counter medications or anything else not provided by his jailers. Additionally, because of those confiscations he cannot make any phone calls or buy stamps for letters!!

These evil people do not now nor did they take the commissary money of people like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy or the BTK killer ECT. who killed hundreds of people or any of the CEOs of companies who stole billions of dollars from their stockholders therein taking their retirement money away or, in our opinion, the worst of the lot, the countless elected government officials who were convicted for taking bribes.

This is an obvious attempt to torture Mr. Schiff whose only crime was pointing out the crimes of the IRS, the federal prosecutors and federal judges like Kent Dawson and prevent him from letting the world know about the crimes perpetrated against him and countless others. This also prevents Mr. Schiff from communicating with those patriots who are trying to help him with his appeal, which is unconstitutional.

How, in good conscience anyone can condone these actions by the criminals in the federal government is beyond us.

If there are any patriots left we urge you to contact your congressman and object to this unwarranted retribution which is tantamount to torture.

The Constitutionalists

Monday, November 14, 2005

Irwin Schiff Railroaded Right to Slammer by Two-Bit Federal Judge Running Kanagaroo Las Vegas Court

The 77-year-old tax protestor being held without bond and in chains after being convicted on 14 counts, including conspiracy and income tax evasion. Trial observers say court proceedings looked like an episode of the "Three Stooges" with "Moe, Curly and Larry" prosecuting the case.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Suppression of Dissent

The jury is still out, as I write these words. Its verdict may be in by the time you read them, and there's a blog with the latest news--but that's okay because the point of this article is not to comment on the trial's outcome but to show what government had to do, in order try to silence an influential advocate of freedom. Its conclusion will be that government is wholly unfit to operate a justice system and entirely incapable of being constrained, e.g. by a constitution.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Income Tax Gulag

What Happened in Vegas
Must End In Vegas

77-Year Old Schiff Being Tortured
With Chain Shackles, Mistreatment

Imagine writing a book containing information so offensive and damaging to the government that the government prosecutes you for running a “fraudulent tax shelter” and the book is subsequently banned by a federal judge - without the government ever citing a single sentence that is false, misleading or fraudulent.

Imagine having your business raided and records seized using a court-sanctioned search warrant that fails to aver any specific law that you have violated.

Imagine the raid is conducted by a platoon of well-armed federal officers that have no delegated or statutory authority to conduct such a seizure.
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Irwin Schiff Live interview will Will Wagner on his TV show out of Santa Barbara
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mike Golden interview with Irwin Schiff

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Comments from Cindy Neun

Recorded phone conversation
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A distressing update from Mike Golden after he visits prison and finds Irwin's health may be failing.

This is from Mike Golden:

The only one who was handcuffed in the jail visitation room was Irwin, the rest of the inmates had both hands free.
When he (Irwin) entered the room, he was looking very pale, he looked very wobbly, he looked absolutely exhausted.
This man I have known for quite sometime now… he is normally upbeat, laughing, joking, cracking smiles… Never have I seen this man in this condition. He looked like he was walking death.
The guard finally came in and released one of his hands, only one, and this is 77 year old man.
Irwin asked me to get hold of a marshal and ask to give Irwin medical attention. Irwin has a high temperature all day. He has been freezing all day, he repeatedly request to have an extra blanket. They denied him all day , they denied him medical attention.
He has asked for assistance from the medical team and they repeatedly denied him.
This man’s condition right now is nothing less than grave.
It appears to me he is in a high state of delirium either from the high temperature or from this exhaustion.
Irwin says: “Mike, I am exhausted, I can’t go any further.”
Irwin is just about to fall off his chair…
JURORS: SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE that did this to this nice person who had nothing but love and concern over this welfare of this country!!! SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!
You people were bought out, sold out, and you condemned the man to death.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Schiff backers stick with him

Las Vegas Review Journal article

Convictions on charges of tax evasion, conspiracy don't shake followers' loyalty

The leader of the so-called "tax honesty movement" is sitting in a Las Vegas jail cell, but that hasn't stopped loyal supporters from rallying around him.

"I feel I owe the man. I owe him because he's such an icon," said Mike Golden, a radio talk show host from Fresno, Calif.


While in Las Vegas, Golden uses a desk at Schiff's business, Freedom Books, where he contributes to Internet blogs and fields calls "to help get the word out."

On Wednesday, Golden talked to a Chicago attorney who has expressed an interest in handling Schiff's appeal. Golden said "contributors" will pay the attorney's fees, because Schiff is "penniless."


On Wednesday, Golden, who admits to being "mouthy," openly criticized the prosecutors and judge involved in Schiff's trial, while referring to Schiff as a "national hero" and a "genius."

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Email from a supporter

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to tell you that your post today was a stroke of genius.
I was heart-breaking but if it doesn't wake people up nothing will.
To that end I want to figure out how we as a group can get organized.
Cindy was talking about sending out writs of habeas corpus and she was
talking about who to send them to. I think if we can create a very
organized list of documents and recipients for those documents and then
flood them with protests and documents we might be able to help. I
have been receiving emails from this website for some time now and I
think that they way that they have it set up is beautiful. It's
clean, quick and effective. Check it out and let me know what I can
do help. I' going to forward this to Angela and I was also
curious when your birthdays are sent you mentioned it the other day
that they are the same. Thanks you both so much for everything you
have done and are doing... Ian

Here is the sight. Please check it out just because of the way that it
is organized.

Cindy Neun makes passionate call for action.

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Schiff Guilty Verdict Not Any Surprises

Las Vegas Tribune article

The fact that a Federal Jury has found Irwin Schiff guilty should not be a surprise to anyone.

Since the day the trial started, the judge who presided on the trial, US District Court Judge Ken Dawson, was not shy to show before the jury, his bias and antagonism against the defendant displaying a partiality never before seen.

In a jury trial the presiding judge should act as referee watching out that the defendant's rights are not violated and that the jurors are given all the evidence necessary to make an intelligent decision based on the facts and nothing but the facts.

In the Schiff case the judge acted more like a prosecutor by denying the most essential rights and sustaining almost every single objection made by the prosecution and overruled almost all the objections made by the defense.

Shame, shame, shame on those jurors!

Read article here.

Friday, October 28, 2005

As you are contemplating whether or how much you want to contribute to Mr. Schiff’s appeal please consider the following.

How much has Mr. Schiff’s information saved you?

How much could it cost you if Mr. Schiff’s conviction is not overturned therein allowing the government Carte Blanch to refer to every illegal thing done to Mr. Schiff before and during the trial as precedent setting evidence that what they do is okay and what you claim in your defense has been found lacking in merit?

In that regard I believe if Mr. Schiff’s conviction is overturned it will open the flood gates and millions of scaredy cats will join this movement which will end the income tax for good and put all those friendly IRS agents of a job.

After you search your conscience or figure out what is best for you send donations to:

Irwin Schiff freedom foundation
444 E. Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89104